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Our Clients 


When defining our core values, we understand that we have resources that give our clients an advantage. Our purpose is to guide our client toward one of the most impactful moments in their life. Choosing to invest in your future is such an integral part of beginning generational wealth and it can be such a powerful way to invest in yourself. 


At the Bonafide Group, we hold our values close. We acknowledge and understand that every individual or family does not have the luxury of beginning their journey at the same starting line. Helping others to build and invest in themselves is our passion and we promise to guide our clients home by educating and providing a transparent partnership before and beyond their first closing. 

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Our Events


The Bonafide Group knows that representation matters and we stand proud within the role we have in our community. 

"The Bonafide Realty LLC would like to thank everyone for supporting our goal to give back to the community. We were at Kroger’s on Mitchell Ave passing good will and better yet paying for people’s groceries. We were able to exceed our original goal so we will be able to help people with groceries and Xmas gifts in December. I was taught much is given as is expected." 

- Andre McCaster, The Bonafide Group LLC (11.27.2021))



Representation & Inclusivity 

As a luxury real estate group, Bonafide Realty is built on integrity and specializes in helping you make your next investment whether you are a first time home buyer or experienced investor. With expertise in the housing market, we will guide you through today's market when buying, selling, and investing in residential and commercial properties. We will unapologetically negotiate for our client to assure they receive excellence. 

What sets myself, my husband Andre McCaster, and The Bonafide Group apart from other realtors is our dedication to our  relationship with each client and how we accommodate based on client need. We serve with intention and expertise, keeping representation and inclusion in the forefront of our brand while finding opportunities to give back to our community. We are a Black owned Team but we are inclusive and we support the LGBTQ+ community as well.  When you see our team, you will know that we represent everyone. 

Within this great opportunity of developing The Bonafide Group, we've been blessed with a group of strong leaders. Every single member of our team brings a strong perspective to the table, it has allowed The Bonafide Group the advantage in real estate of understanding our clients from intersectionalities and obstacles that must be considered within our relationships and partnerships. 


We know our clients and it is important for us to remember that our relationship with each client does not end with a transaction or when we hand over the key to their investment. The Bonafide Group continues to keep clients within the family. 

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