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With Opportunity, She Turned The Page...

Brandy McCaster, a Cincinnati Native is the founder of Bonafide Realty LLC.  

Becoming a licensed Realtor in July of 2019, Brandy has always been that of an entrepreneurial spirit.  She owned and operated a licensed home daycare for nearly two decades. Deciding it was time for a change, Brandy became a Certified Personal Trainer.  As her time as a disciplined trainer continued, she was able to identify a client trend. With successful clients maintaining routine and workouts, Brandy saw the ongoing struggle of our relationships with food. This pushed her to open another venture, Bonafide Meal Prep. Bonafide Meal Prep was a successful business that provided healthy meals to clients within her community on a weekly basis. With rising client success rates and demand, Brandy became a member of Findlay Kitchen and served as was one of their founding operators. 


Within the unprecedented times of the pandemic, face-to-face services within the industry impacted the ongoing pick-up and delivery service. Deciding to close the business for the health and safety of clients and family, Brandy McCaster reframed her vision. Brandy was already working as a licensed real estate professional for eight months prior to closing her local business.


When Covid-19 seemingly paralyzed specific sectors of the economy, it was the perfect opportunity to make Real Estate her full time career. The world and how we operated businesses began to change, just like the housing market. Interest rates striking an all-time low, spiked demand within the market for educated real estate agents with background in investments in property.


Brandy’s husband, Andre McCaster a successful CEO -then and now- was apprehensive. It took some convincing. Soon Andre McCaster, too was licensed as a real estate agent. As their network and workload continued to grow, they decided to birth Bonafide Really LLC and The Bonafide Group.  Now consisting of four Real Estate Agents and an Executive Assistant, The Bonafide Group is a Powerhouse in the real estate market. 

Melissa, OH

Brandy was very knowledge about the market, great negotiation skills, and assisted me in creating a solid offer to secure my home. She was always available or returned my calls timely. Even after closing, I was able to reach out to her with any further questions or concerns. My experience was seamless with Brandy. Thank you.
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If you’re looking to purchase or sell a home in Cincinnati, Ohio

I would love to put my knowledge and

experience to work for you.

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